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2016-07-16 22:57 #0 av: Something Awesome

Hej, I picked up my ferret the other day and suddenly noticed that he had a wound that wasn't there before on his lower back, down by his legs. Can any of you tell me what it is and what it looks like? It hurts when I touch it but he doesn't seem to lick it or bite in it, so I have no idea if he did this to himself. 

There is also this weird little pimple looking thing near the wound on the second picture. It has no white in it or anything that indicates that it can be ''popped'' or has any fluids. 

He hasn't yelped or cried or said anything at any point where it sounded like he was hurt, so I have absolutely no idea. It looks like a tick bite, but there is no tick it seems like.

2016-07-17 10:33 #1 av: eijla

I would take him to the vet!

2016-07-17 10:50 #2 av: Blueshift

It's hard to tell from that one pic. It does have some resemblance to an insect bite, but rarely will such a bite be painful to the touch. Some ferrets will react to gnats with a bright red spot that progresses out in a circle over the next few hours. Could the pimple be a tiny tick? A really tiny one can sometimes be removed with duct tape. 

What does the wound look like today? If it's still painful it sounds like you might have an infection brewing, whatever the cause. Mast cell tumours (common and benign lesion in ferrets) can sometimes look like this, but will be itchy rather than painful.

2016-07-17 10:51 #3 av: JossanH

I don't know the Word for it in english but i looks like a "mastcellstumör".

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2016-07-17 10:58 #4 av: JossanH

2# vi skrev visst samtidigt 😁

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2016-07-17 22:54 #5 av: Something Awesome

Thanks for the responses and it's ok JossanH I understand perfectly swedish :)

I already booked a time and i am taking him to the vet tomorrow :)

2016-07-17 22:56 #6 av: Something Awesome

The bigger wound already has that cap on it when it heals, so I think it is healing, it just looks so big and thick, I have no idea when he hurt himself like that. It seems better today, he drinks and eats and acts normal.