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Hittade ett recept på en "kyckling röra" som man rekomenderar till tex. illrar som varit sjuka (magsjuka tex), kräsna illrar och även för illrar med insulinom, tydligen har man sett klara förbättringar hos insulinom illrar när de fått de här som daglig föda (men det botar ju inte!)

"Bob's Chicken Gravy (Yum!)

1 whole roasting chicken (cut into pieces to fit in the blender; do not
  remove skin, fat, bones or giblets-small pieces puree better)
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 Tablespoon ferrettone (or whatever vitamin supplement you use)
1 Cup ferret, mink or high-grade cat kibble
2 Tablespoons fine bran OR whole oats OR Metamucil
1 Tube Nutrical
3 or 4 Eggshells
4 Tablespoons honey
1 Cup fat trimmings (uncooked; I save trimmed fat for just this purpose)

Puree the chicken with the fat, kibble and eggshells; add water until you make a thin gravy.  Pour the mix into a pot and cook for 30 minutes, or until it has the consistency of cream or thick gravy.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.  Now, here's the hard part.  Put one cup of chicken gravy into a ziplock, push out the air, and set aside.  Repeat this process until all the gravy has been portioned out, then dump the ziplocks into a container to store in the freezer. 

Hur det funkar för illrar med insulinom

So why does Bob's Chickey Gravy seem to work so well in insulinoma ferrets? High quality proteins, fats, trace elements, monosaccharide sugars, few starches (the recipe allows a small amount of kibble but suggests it be eliminated when the ferret accepts the food) is the reason.  This diet is exactly what is needed if starches are the source of the problem. Objections that the included honey is a problem are obtuse; honey *IS* the recommended emergency treatment for insulinoma symptoms, it is a simple monosaccaride sugar complex (mainly glucose with lesser amounts of frutose), and since it is directly absorbed into the blood stream without modification, it will *reduce* the amount of insulin present as well as *increase* blood-sugar levels.  As for the amount, the recipe usually results in about a gallon of food; 2 tablespoons of honey is really not a lot.  Conversely, a gallon of kibble-only diet, even if only 40% starch, converts to sugars in far greater amounts than the honey in my recipe.  If insulinoma is exacerabated by consumed sugars, why is starch-filled kibble
being fed to the ferrets at all?  *ALL* starches are metabolically reduced to glucose during digestion.  Remember one of the dietary treatments? Reduce the amounts of sugar fed the insulinoma patient?  If you feed a ferret kibble containing carbohydrates of any digestable type, you are, in essence, feeding it sugar."
(http://listserv.cuny.edu/Scripts/wa.exe?S2=ferret-search&q=&s=insulinoma&f=c620213@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU&a=&bLänken öppnas i nytt fönster=) 



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